What Happens when you need a Ketubah Urgently?

We recently had a couple who urgently needed a Ketubah.

It was Tuesday afternoon. Their wedding was on Saturday. They Googled “overnight Ketubah” and came to our site. The Ketubah was needed so quickly that there was no time to even think or plan — we just needed to do, to get them the urgent Ketubah so quickly!

The problem was, their rabbi was supposed to create the Ketubah but effectively forgot to. Oh no!

We usually recommend buying a Ketubah at least 2 months in advance; if it is a commissioned Ketubah, then at least 6 months in advance. Usually less is needed, but this ensures extra time in case there’s any delay.

But what happens when someone forgets it, and you need one days later?

We started by speaking in detail with the couple: what is the wedding date? What kind of Ketubah do you want? Which Ketubah text? It happened to be a same-sex couple who were wonderful to talk to and deal with on the phone, a very lovely experience.

We then realized that, for the Ketubah to arrive before the wedding, we needed to ship it STAT. By Tuesday night, the Ketubah was done — Jacob and Yael were up until 1am finishing it! Wednesday morning it went out, next day mail — so it should have arrived by Thursday.

Nothing is ever so easy. There was a delay for unknown reasons at the Fedex center in Memphis, so the Ketubah just sat there for an extra day.

We were nervous all day Friday: the Ketubah was supposed to arrive then, one day late and one day before the wedding — but this leaves no leeway in case there was any error.

Jacob kept calling Fedex all day long until — voilà — they confirmed the arrival, Friday at 4pm. Just in time!

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