Ketubah Artists Can Create Custom, Modern and Ketubahs

A Ketubah artist is a different breed than the standard artist.

Artists come in all different breeds (like dogs!). Here are some.

Some artists focus on the social scene: they are artists because they want to be cool. The art is great – but the art scene is where it’s at, for them.

Some artists focus on pushing innovation-in-art to the next boundaries, taking styles to their natural limits. This has led to performance art and a whole host of modern artistic styles.

Some artists focus on repeating the classic traditions — trying to paint in the tradition of Monet or your favorite artist.

Some try to mix different styles together: the Bricolage, as Derrida might have said. Hey, we can combine style X with style Y and thus get brand new style Z! Nothing under the sun really is new, as the Ecclesiast said anyway.

Here at This is Not a Ketubah, we view the Ketubah as a bit of all of the above.

We strive to be modern and contemporary; cool and hipster; pretty and beautiful; creative, original, unique and different; very high quality and above all, just awesome. Something that gays, lesbians and straight couples love; something everyone from the reformed to the orthodox Jews also appreciate for their wedding contract.

We strive to push Ketubot to their boundaries, to take the market to the next level: to force everyone to improve in Ketubah-creation-land to up their game, to improve their work.

We strive to repeat and perfect our artistic creation in the great, classical styles and traditions.

We strive to mix two worlds together (Ketubot and modern art) and, in doing so, create something new.

What are you creating? :)

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