What Artwork Is Appropriate for a Modern Ketubah?

Not all art and design is appropriate for what contexts?

That is a tricky — and important — question. Maybe a piece of art is amazing, but not right for a custom Ketubah created for you. How, really, do you know what style to create your Ketubah in?

There are a few factors to take into account. These include:

  • How traditional are you? The more religious you are, the more it makes sense to follow the standard conventions for the Ketubah. Classically, Ketubot included images of trees, nature, and similar imagery.
  • How creative is your personality? The more over-the-top creative and wacky and fun you are, the more it makes sense to experiment with new, modern, contemporary designs — although making sure they’re all of the highest possible quality, of course!
  • What are your passions? The more you and your future-husband-or-wife are passionate about a topic, the more it makes sense to represent your passions in the style of the Ketubah.
  • Where will you place or hang the Ketubah in your house? The more visible it is, the more sensitive we should be to our guests and those who enter our home.
  • What these patterns boil down to is, how comfortable are you pushing the boundaries for your Ketubah? What does your Ketubah mean to you? What do you want it to represent?

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