Can you put a photo of the couple onto our custom Ketubah?

A Ketubah is a Jewish, legal manifestation of the love and passion that a couple feels for each other. But is it appropriate to put a photo of the couple onto the Ketubah itself, if the Ketubah is custom created just for you?

Here at This is Not a Ketubah, our resounding answer is: Yes, it is perfectly appropriate, especially for modern contemporary Ketubahs! Of course we are not unbiased observers, since our vision and mission is to make custom Ketubahs personalized!

There are various photos or types of photos you can include on your Ketubah: of the couple individually, or together. Of your loved ones, like a collage. Photographed (these are created digitally) — or hand-drawn!

Photographs make Ketubah design more personal and different — and thus more special.

Such photography also makes your Ketubah more of a modern design, no matter how high quality it is. It also makes it more original. And if done well it can make it prettier and more creative, too!

It is important to note, however, that conservative, orthodox, and frum Jews are usually very hesitant to put photos onto their Ketubah, no matter how beautifully drawn. This is because they do not put images of people onto their Ketubot. This comes from the tradition of not representing any images of people in sacred contexts; and that tradition stems, of course, from our core commandment against idolotry.

Personally, I might like to see a classic “Myspace shot” on a Ketubah. But when I say that, I’m just speaking for myself, and not for the This Is Not a Ketubah team — they would probably burst out laughing if they heard me say this!

(The views represented here are not necessarily those of This is Not a Ketubah)

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