What Themes are Great for a Custom, High Quality yet Different Ketubah Design?

If you want to get a high-quality Custom-made Ketubah, one that is different than those generic styles you see everywhere — what kind of Ketubah themes work best?

This question is always a hard one for us to answer: everyone is looking for something different. Tastes are very personal. Are you cool and hipster and creative — or just want something unique and different but still very good? Do you love your pet, or punk music, or Ernest Hemingway, or the Baal Shem Tov? Everyone is different.

However, there are a few clear patterns.

Many of our most popular custom Ketubahs are based on the modern art themes: like our Gaudi, our Picasso, and our Kandinsky themes, for example. There are Ketubahs in many styles — there are few limits other than your, and our, creativity! But for reasons we don’t know, the modern art style Ketubot seem to be particularly possible.

Perhaps there is, indeed, a modern art revival happening these days!

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