A Ketubah as a Gift for your Parents

It’s most common for couples, while planning their wedding, to buy a Ketubah for themselves. Sometimes, the parent’s or good friends, buy a ketubah for the couple as a gift.

But sometimes… creative children flip it, and buy a ketubah for their parents.

It’s a wonderful, unusual, and interesting anniversary gift: reminding them of the moment they got married; with more modern art than on their original ketubah; and, above all, they will hang it on their wall and see it every day — and smile.

There are many possible ways to create an anniversary ketubah, as a gift. We can do it as a surprise, or planning with them. We can recreate their original ketubah; do so with style and tweaks; or we can use one of our standard ketubot as an anniversary ketubah, or create a new one from scratch for them. We can use their original text, or one of our anniversary texts.

We can even change the color scheme to be silver or whatever the appropriate color is for the anniversary!

Questions? Sound interesting? Drop me a note and we can talk about it! I’m morgan@tinak.org !

Team Ketubah

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