Ketubah Color Changes & Design Tweaks!

Like a Ketubah design, but have a change that will make you absolutely LOVE it? Team Ketubah is all about working with our couples to create something you’ll absolutely love! Read on to learn more about how Team Ketubah can work with you to make your dream Ketubah come to life!

Ketubah Color Changes
Team Ketubah can make the Ketubah color palette of any of our Ketubot match your wedding! In the past, we’ve worked with couples on these changes, so the Ketubah is absolutely perfect! For example, here are some Color Changes we’ve recently made to the Bright Kiss Ketubah:

  • Changing Bride & Groom’s Hair
  • Purple instead of Red Flowers
  • Personal background panels in place of “LOVE”

Or, thinking of change the design itself?

Ketubah Design Tweaks
We’ll work with you to change the actual design of the Ketubah, for a more commissioned feel to the Ketubah! Design Tweaks we’ve recently made include:

  • Adding more hearts throughout a design
  • Changing the shape of the Bride’s dress
  • Altering the style of the Tree design

Contact us about these types of changes — we’d love to chat!

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