Ketubah of Light

Ketubah of light

Here at This is Not a Ketubah, we are fans of You Look Nice Today Photography.

A couple of us are from Portland (hi, Yuji -- also known as Yujinsky! -- and Dan! The rest of us are from New York or Buenos Aires) and have been to many weddings in Portland and You Look Nice does work in a particular style that we like. A bit Northwestern, a bit modern, original and (to our eastern aesthetic) new -- but not over-the-top. Cool but calm. We're fans and would recommend them. The photos and their passion shine through and show the soul of the photographer-as-artist.

The light shines through in the photo, literally--and metaphorically. Their Ketubah is nicely but traditionally designed, and this design lets the light through. The photo captures this wonderfully.

And their photo of the bride with her Ketubah: spectacular! This modern and original style is very much our "onda", as they say in Argentina, to mean "style." It's not so different, but it works well--especially in the photo.

(Photo Hat Tip!)

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  1. HI
    I happened to come across your posting above of the bride holding the ketubah
    It looks great. This ketubah happens to be my design and is named "Orchard".
    It is a very delicate papercut and is one of our most popular designs.
    I would like to thank the person that wrote about our ketubah so nicely.
    Thank you,
    Daniel Azoulay

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