Ketubahs Proud as a Peacock

Peacocks have long embellished all forms of art. Their exquisite feathers in shades of midnight blue and emerald green have inspired decorative abstract and literal imitations. A peacock’s beauty has symbolized wealth, beauty and rebirth through different eras and times.

Historical ketubahs of wealthy families from India would largely feature elaborate peacocks. Originally from India, peacocks have been pets and a symbol of the royals. Ruling kings and queens would have their servants fan them with peacock feathers in the summers, and their vast gardens would be home to a flock of peacocks.

Ketubahs with peacocks make a magnificent statement. The iridescent artwork is eye catching and makes a bold statement. You can go for an abstract ketubah which features colors representing the aura of a peacock, or one which holds an actual peacock within the background of the ketubah.

Since the 390’s, the peacock has been associated with resurrection because of how it annually replaces all its feathers. The ancient oath “by the phoenix” was a sacred oath, thought to have the power of rebirth like the phoenix. Peacocks are often depicted in ketubahs to symbolize the renewal of life after marriage.

The Birds of Paradise ketubah uses the bold and vibrant colors of the peacocks in the ketubah to represent couples that are as fearless and bold as the two-legged animal, and unafraid of showing it. The Art Nouveau styled ketubah reflects the commitment of a couple to each other and tradition. Celebrating both tradition and modern values, The Regal Peacocks Ketubah is a graceful symbol of beauty, prosperity, and class.

Peacocks may be a staunch symbol in the past, but they are still prominently seen on modern art pieces, architecture, fashion shows, sculptures and much more. Able to eat poisonous snakes without any harm, the peacock is graceful, alluring and strong without letting anything hurt it.

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