Make Your Ketubah Your Happily Ever After

Signing your ketubah is like signing a document for a happily ever after. Like in all the fairy tales you’ve read growing up, once you’ve found your prince or princess it means you’ve found a soulmate for life. Your ketubah is a promise to your significant other to spend and share a life together and live happily ever after.

Fairytale ketubahs convey exactly that message. They’re perfect for romantics who just love a good Disney movie. Many of us have been raised watching Disney classics like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Movies and illustrations that inspire us in so many ways, but most of all in matters of love.

Disney inspired ketubahs are a treat for ultimate fans of Disney princesses and stories. The bright and magical ketubahs features scenes and emotions inspired by Disney classics. Couples swirling in magnificent dresses and idyllic backgrounds bring out emotions of love, tradition and hope.

A fairy tale wedding is any girl’s (and boy’s) dream. Many dream about it from a young age, planning and envisioning every last detail. Your ketubah takes center stage in that fantasy. Why not imprint your a sliver of your dreams on to your ketubah? It will always remind you of how you pictured your big day, and show how much meaning it holds in your life.

The Once Upon a Time Ketubah is inspired by classic love stories. This Ketubah is inspired by stories of bravery and romance, dragons and magic, and of course… a happily ever after! The image of a handsome couple dancing in their wedding finery, on a castle top balcony overlooking a picturesque village, is the perfect representation of a fairy tale wedding.

Weddings are in all styles and colors, but the essence of them remain the same. Marking the beginning of a happily ever after.

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