Ketubahs for Christians?

In February, the New York Times did an exposé on many non-Jewish couples-of-faith getting Ketubot for their weddings.

This raises an interesting question: Are Ketubot appropriate for non-Jewish couples? If so, how?

A Ketubah is a traditional legal contract in which a couple pledges to be together — with consequences if you don’t, such as paying fines of zuzim to the other.

But it is also a symbol — of a commitment deeply serious to each other.

In an era in which the value of marriage is decreasing by the moment, the Ketubah is a traditional method for doubling down on the value of marriage, its seriousness, your commitment.

The Ketubah, then, is a powerful document for ANY couple, Jewish or not. For any couple that is serious about their commitment to each other, beyond government paperwork.

Of course, for a Christian couple (or Muslim couple!), the details of the Ketubah are probably a bit different. The laws of Christianity or Islam bind them more than the laws of Judaism.

Here at This Is Not a Ketubah we have worked on Ketubot for various Interfaith and Christian couples and we’re sensitive to their particular requirements. From our point of view, anyone returning to the Jewish tradition, and/or showing a serious commitment to the institution of marriage — we love and support and think there should be more of!

If there are any Christians, Catholics, Muslims, or other People of Faith who are interested in a Ketubah — then just send us an email and let us know!

Team Ketubah

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