The Plural Problem: Ketubahs or Ketubot?

Whenever we kick around ideas for the next phenomenal ketubah that we want to create, we always seem to come across the same problem: What happens when we want to talk about the amazing artwork that we’ve created together, to explain the many different versions of the ketubah we’ve been designing?  How can we best tell couples about the incredible modern styled ketbuahs—or is it ketubot—that we’d love to work with them to make?

And that is just the problem!

Whenever using Hebrew words in English (or in Spanish in the Buenos Aires office!), it is hard to decide which rules to apply.  Do we use the standard plural in English, ketubahs?  Or do we stick with Hebrew grammar for a feminine word, making it ketubot? Could we split the difference and call them ketubots, with the plural of both languages included?

Although it’s easy to get tripped up on something as small as this, we haven’t let it distract us from our main goal: working with all sorts of couples to create the most personalized, soulful, stop-dead-in-your-tracks gorgeous ketubahs.  And though a Rabbi might be able to help us figure out this pluralization problem, we’d rather talk with him (or her!) about writing a ketubah text that that is just right for couples deeply in love.

At the end of the day, This Is Not A Ketubah is all about focusing on how to make a traditional classic into a beautiful, even fun, modern variation.  As we work with each couple on the design of the perfect ketubah, we’re sure it’s the only ketubah they’ll ever need.

So figuring out how to say more than one of them isn’t a problem at all!



Team Ketubah


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