Ketubahs that Strike Gold

Gold has long been associated with royalty and wealth. Kings and Queens of past would wear a bucketful of gold jewelry encrusted with the rarest of jewels. While the royal families have slowly drawn into the background (with the exception of the Queen of England), gold is now being adopted by anybody who can afford it.

The tradition still continues in some parts of the world among the more affluent. In South-East Asia, brides are adorned with gold which they wear for the rest of their life and pass onto the next generation. Gold becomes not only a symbol of wealth, but one of value and security.

The premium color is always in hot demand even if you’re not buying actual gold. People are prepared to pay extra for the symbol of success and achievement. Case in point: the gold iPhone sold for $10,000 at an eBay auction.

Historical ketubahs of the rich would be adorned with art pained in gold, and text written in liquid gold ink. While the tradition is not so feasible anymore, the fascination with gold sill remains.

Our Gold Ketubot Collection has whisks of gold weaved into the most stunning Ketubahs. Some embody the color in subtle tones, while others in something more bold.

gold ketubah

The Birds of Paradise II Ketubah features curling arabesques, golden arch, and royal crimson inlaid in amethyst purple complement the dappled golden-bronze foliage of the tree under which a pair of peacocks nestle. Peacocks themselves are also a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

gold ketubah

The Ethereal Landscape – Sun Ketubah beholds a sun in all shades of gold in an abstract design. Brilliant orange and yellow burst into sight, driving darkness to the edges of the page and instantly grabbing attention as molten gold drips across the canvas. Inspired by the colors of the Sun, this ketubah radiates fiery passion and takes center stage in its series.

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