Ketubah Love: “It’s Now Hanging In Our Living Room And It Looks Beautiful.”


Here are some pics of our  wedding/ketubah! My family from Argentina LOVED it. It’s now hanging in our living room and it looks beautiful. Thank you so so so much.

Anita & Matthew Meador, Ketubah Love from Illinois, The Stained Glass Orchards Ketubah


Photos from Marcus and Kris’ Wedding

Some of our favorite Ketubot are the commissioned ones. We work closely with a couple, to help them plan out their dream Ketubah — and then we make it happen. Marcus and Kris had a particular vision for their dream Ketubah, and it was a long and intense process for us to make it happen: but we did and the Ketubah was perfect.

Mary Gardella from Modern Life Portraits took fantastic photos of Marcus and Kris’ wedding — including their Ketubah. The photos are below. Mary did a wonderful job and if you need a first-rate wedding photographer in the Baltimore area, give them a call!

Marcus and Kris' Ketubah 2

Marcus and Kris' Ketubah 3

Marcus and Kris' Ketubah 4

Marcus and Kris' Ketubah 1


Ketubah Love: “Your Service is Wonderful, Fast, Friendly and Personal”

The Lovers Dance Ketubah

 Just want to say thank you again  for the beautiful ketubah! We had been running around  trying to find a modern ketubah that fit our style about 1.5 months before the wedding and a) couldn’t find  anything we liked that didn’t cost an arm and a leg and b)  for the ones we were willing to settle on, no one could guarantee we would get them in time for the wedding because it was Jewish holiday season. Your service is wonderful, fast, friendly and personal and you went out of your way to make sure we were beyond satisfied… We’ll definitely be recommending you to our friends!

Alla & Vlad Gostomelsky, Ketubah Love from PennsylvaniaThe Lovers Dance Ketubah
Photography: Stregoica Photography


Ketubah Couple: Mary & Justin’s Awesome Wedding!

Funky, fun, and different–Justin & Mary were looking for a Ketubah as original and creative as themselves! As a power-couple pair of photographers, editors, and producers, we were so excited when they chose the Vintage Ketubah to match their Wedding.

Thank you so much!!! It is gorgeous!!”
Mary Carter & Justin Sandler
3 Cubed Studios
Vintage Ketubah

Their passion and dedication was absolutely contagious, and the signing ceremony looks beautiful!

You can check out some of their incredible photography, from head-shots to their upcoming project, The Beard Book by visiting 3 Cubed Studios, and following their projects on Twitter @3cubedstudios.


Ketubah Couple: Jenn & Matt’s Movie Poster Ketubah!

Team Ketubah is all about exciting challenges. A few months ago we chatted Jenn who had an idea for a Ketubah her fiance Matt would go crazy about. Since he was passionate about 1960s music and loves the 1960s style posters for bands and concerts, why not create a Ketubah they would absolutely love?

Officiated by Rabbi Anne White, the Nature Rabbi, we worked together with Jenn & Matt on making sure every part of their Ketubah was 100% perfect. From using their unique color pallet to match their wedding, a special Ketubah text, and integrating their names into the artwork itself (don’t see it? look closely at the hands!), this music-inspired Ketubah was truly an exciting piece to work on!

Here’s what the couple had to say themselves:

Again, thank you so much. We LOVE our Ketubah and were so happy with your patient and detail-oriented service. Our best to your entire team and loved ones during this season of lights, love and miracles. Happy Hanukkah! -Jenn & Matt Trehub

To see the full-size version of the Ketubah, click on the picture below! We’re thrilled to have been part of such a special day and create something truly unique!

Interested in creating your own Commissioned Ketubah? We’d love to hear about your ideas and get started with a Ketubah Brainstorming seession! Drop us a line!


Guest Post! Jason & Jen on Their (Books-Inspired) Ketubah Story

Today, Team Ketubah is super-exited to feature the writing of newlyweds Jen & Jason of New York Times Wedding Section fame! Jason sent us this great piece. We can’t stop re-reading it. Check it out, and follow these incredible newlyweds on Twitter! Jason (@heyfeifer) and Jen (@propjen) have some great tweets, and we say “keep ’em coming!”

A few months into dating, Jen told me that, if we were to ever get married, she’d want to take me to some Judaism classes. I am a Jew in the loosest sense of the word—more just a guy with a big nose and curly hair, who happens to like challah. Jen isn’t much more devoted than me, but she does like tradition and the occasional prayer. And also, challah.

But whatever. I said fine. When your girlfriend of a few months tries to commit you to something in a distant future that may never arrive, that’s what you do: You say fine and move on to more pressing things, like making out.

A year or so into dating, Jen told me that, if we were to ever get married, she’d want me to take off work on some holidays and go to synagogue with her. Again, I said fine, and we moved on to making dinner together (and then making out).

And after two and a half years and a marriage proposal, we sat with an actual rabbi and discussed actual wedding plans, and the rabbi said, “So, what do you want written on your ketubah?”

Oh man, I thought. Now I’ve really committed to all this Jewish stuff.

Truth be told, I didn’t want a ketubah at all. It had no meaning to me, no inherent value, just a non-binding contract. I stayed silent, but after the rabbi left, Jen and I talked ketubah. She knew how I felt, but wasn’t having it: A ketubah is important, she said. It’s a symbol, a pact, a noble thing to hang on your wall.

“Fine,” I said, with a calculated degree of dismissiveness. “We’ll have a ketubah.”

“No,” she said. “We’re not going to have one unless you want one.”

You see the bind I was in.

That’s when Jen did something that, under any other circumstances, would be embarrassing: She Googled the words “hipster ketubah Brooklyn.” She was looking for something open-minded, something that slipped the rigid religious formalities that I despise, something that was youthful and personalized enough to have meaning. This, she knew, was the only thing that would make me embrace a ketubah: It had to be about us, not about faith.

That’s how she found This Is Not A Ketubah, which isn’t in Brooklyn but does have an appealing name.

“That’s awesome!” I said when she told me. “Does it mean we aren’t getting a ketubah?”

Not quite.

Instead, it meant we’d found partners who could design a ketubah that represented us—and who did it fast, with enthusiasm (and many, many exclamation marks in their emails), and with care. Our ketubah is full of antique-looking books, because we’re writers. We are also picky: We went back and forth with the designers—it’s too abstract, now it’s too cartoony, now it should be more abstract—and probably weren’t easy to work with. This Is Not A Ketubah responded only with joy and more exclamation marks. Good exclamation marks!

On wedding day, we gathered in a room with two rabbis and performed the most concentrated amount of Jewish action I’ve ever partaken in. I was a little uncomfortable, truth be told. But the ketubah was lovely, and felt very much like it was ours. The text we signed was even selected on my behalf—“Secular Humanist Text B,” which sounds exactly like the kind of thing I can get behind. Hell, I’m sure I’d support Secular Humanist Text A as well, but B just hit the spot.

And now, our ketubah is about to be framed and hung on our wall. I’ll be happy to see it there. Though my wife should be forewarned: It doesn’t mean I’ll go as gently into a synagogue.

You can check out their New York Times feature and our blog post about them on the Ketubah Blog. And keep an eye out for Jen’s upcoming book “The Year of the Gadfly” in May!


Our Ketubah Family: What Our Couples Have to Say!

Just wanted to say that Zach and I received the Ketubah last night and we are overjoyed! (It brought a tear to our eyes. :)) It’s really perfect. Thank you and your team for all of your help putting it together. I was just saying to Zach that everyone, no matter their religion, should have one of these because they’re so meaningful and beautiful.”
Jess Gozur & Zach Fass [See Photos!]
FassForward Consulting
Rothko-ish Ketubah I

The Ketubah arrived safely and it is beautiful.
We will cherish it the rest of our lives…You did an impeccable job. This will really enhance our wedding vows.”
Alan Seskin & Yvette Gettinger
Picasso-ish Ketubah II

Working with you guys was literally the easiest, most enjoyable part of our wedding planning experience. You were beyond accommodating, and so very helpful. You were efficient, prompt and particularly charming and pleasant to work with. I have already recommended you to my friends and would recommend you without reservation to anyone else. We absolutely love our Ketubah and get compliments on it all the time. Thanks again for everything.”
Matteen Terrany & Jasmin Tanjeloff
Jasmin Balance Life Therapy
Gaudi-ish Ketubah II

Thank you for all your work and product! Just wanted to let you know the Rabbi said in all his 20 years of being a Rabbi he never saw such a unique Ketubah … He made sure to tell everyone at the service the story of our Ketubah and how unique it was as well!!
Jane Morgenstern & Adam Bleiweiss
[See Photos!]
Desperate Hours Productions
Rothko-ish Ketubah I

We found partners who could design a Ketubah that represented us—and who did it fast, with enthusiasm (and many, many exclamation marks in their emails), and with care…This Is Not A Ketubah responded only with joy and more exclamation marks. Good exclamation marks!”
Jen Miller & Jason Feifer [See Photos!]
Author, Year of the Gadfly
Commissioned Ketubah Couple

I can’t thank you all enough for delivering such a beautiful Ketubah for us, especially with such short notice and all of our esoteric requests!”
Jared Miller & Samantha Rudolph
Blonde Picasso-ish Ketubah II

The Ketubah arrived and it’s beautiful!”
Susan Cline & Adam Metz
Rothko-ish Ketubah III

Thank you so much!!! It is gorgeous!!”
Mary Carter & Justin Sandler [See Photos!]
3 Cubed Studios
Vintage Ketubah

THANK YOU!! We would love to do a feature on your blog.”
Casey Byrd & Mark Shapiro [See Photos!]
Romantic Ketubah

We’re still recovering from the wonderful but exhausting day! :-) We love the ketubah we ordered from This is Not a Ketubah and our guests loved it as well! We still have to get it framed and find the perfect wall of honor in our apartment.”
Karen Silverman & Adam Ehrlich
Rings and Things
Miro-ish Ketubah II

Again, thank you so much. We LOVE our Ketubah and were so happy with your patient and detail-oriented service. Our best to your entire team.”
Jenn & Matt Trehub [See Photos!]
Commissioned Ketubah Couple

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…it has been received and is perfect!!!!!!”
Venessa Mays & Michael Kobrin
Commissioned Ketubah Couple

Hey Jacob…We received our Ketubah it looks great!”
Staci & Steve Grosswald
Romantic Ketubah

We got the Ketubah! Thank you so much. It is beautiful. You guys are great. Your service was excellent and I really appreciate how quick and helpful you were.”
Shelly & Mitch Mosesman
Pollock-ish Ketubah

I received my Ketubah!! It is beautiful!! I am sooo happy! Thank you for all of your efforts! G-d Bless! The large Ketubah will be on display at our wedding and we will be sure to inform our guests on where we purchased it from! It has been a pleasure working with you… I am confident that we will have many compliments on our unique Ketubah, after all, Rabbi Baker admired it and approved!”
Andrea Siedman & Jason Smith
Hokusai-ish Ketubah

Thanks, to all for very efficient process!”
Ann Kanter, Mother of the Groom
Chagall-ish Ketubah I

The Ketubah is absolutely gorgeous! We are so pleased. Thank you!”
Margie Suvalle & Adam Fischl
Rothko-ish Ketubah II

We just received our Ketubah and we couldn’t be more blown away by how amazing it looks. It has been a pleasure to deal with you and your customer service has been superb. Ariel and I feel lucky to have found your company. We will be displaying it for many many years to come.”
Ariel Page and Jeff Dubs
Rothko-ish Ketubah I


Ketubah Couple: Casey & Mark’s Romantic Silhouette Ketubah!

Chatting with Casey was an absolute pleasure! As one of our Interfaith couples, Casey & Mark were planning on integrating elements from both of their backgrounds to create a unique ceremony rich with the traditional and the modern. We couldn’t be happier to help create a Ketubah they absolutely loved!

Mark & Casey brought us a text we’d never used before, but we were more than happy to oblige! Combining an Aramaic introduction with a beautifully personal text, we were thrilled to be part of the magic on their wedding day. The photography was gorgeous!

From the bold colors of both of their backgrounds to a beautiful Kiddish ceremony (with manishevitz, no less!), everything was beautiful. We can’t stop looking at the pictures!


Ketubah Couple Zach & Jess: A Beautiful Family Signing

In a stunningly beautiful wedding taking place at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, Jess and Zach were surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful signing ceremony we wish we could have seen! Led by both a Rabbi and Reverend together, the touching Ketubah signing ceremony made Team Ketubah proud to be part of such a joyous event!

Just wanted to say that Zach and I received the Ketubah last night and we are overjoyed! (It brought a tear to our eyes. :)) It’s really perfect. Thank you and your team for all of your help putting it together”
Jess Gozur & Zach Fass
FassForward Consulting

Rothko-ish Ketubah I

When we first spoke with Jess & Zach, they loved the idea of having a Ketubah at her wedding but she wasn’t sure where to start! After they fell in love with the Rothko-ish Ketubah I, we couldn’t wait to get started on personalizing the text to create something truly special for the wedding day. Mazal Tov!

The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Stuart Paris and Reverend Enid Kessler, who lead beautifully meaningful and personal interfaith ceremonies. Read more about them at Interfaith4You. Thanks to Fred Marcus Photography for the beautiful shots!

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