Love Through Time: Ketubahs by Decade

Love Through Time: Ketubahs by Decade

Looking back, many things have changed in the past few decades, and various aspects of life have undergone major alternations. Nevertheless, there are certain values that persist and remain unchanged in any decade, such as the importance of friendship, respect, unity, and above all – love, in all its shapes and forms. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that, regardless of the decade one’s living in, the mentioned values represent the very essence of life, and an unbreakable bond between all people, ages, and periods. Today, we’re going for a quick trip through time, remembering some of the most memorable characteristics of the past decades, keeping in mind that love represents their mutual force.

How would one sum up the decade of the ’60s? This era certainly brought a great deal of turmoil and turbulence, but it is mostly remembered for the fight for individual freedom, popular music festivals, and the explosion of rock’n’roll which may have marked the culture of this decade more than anything else. Many still cherish the fashion choices of this decade, including tie-dye fabrics, mop-top haircuts, and the expansion of bikinis.

It is safe to say that the decade of the ’70s brought upon a series of groundbreaking scientific discoveries, especially when it comes to space exploration (remember the two fascinating lunar landings that marked the history of the mankind). In addition, big steps were taken in the world of technology, especially regarding computers. Women particularly respect this decade for the birth of true feminism and the beginning of the sexual revolution.

The decade of the ’80s brought further exploration and progress when it comes to both space flights and technology, which pretty much marked this era, as well. When it comes to pop culture, without a doubt, Madonna and Michael Jackson are the two names that defined this decade.

Looking back, it may seem that the decade of the ’90s has left the deepest, most prominent mark, given that it has heavily influenced today’s trends. As far as culture is concerned, many movements and discoveries considered crucial in the modern age started in the ’90s, including hip hop, cable television, and even the Internet. We will remember this decade as a golden era for the film industry, especially when it comes to unforgettable Disney classics. As far as the showbusiness goes, names such as Mariah Carey, Nirvana, and the Spice Girls live on, as well as their legacy, while some of the stars who started in the ’90s are still enjoying their spotlight. For ketubah designs inspired by different decades, make sure to visit our online gallery!

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