Lungs of Our Planet – Ketubah with Trees

Lungs of Our Planet – Ketubah with Trees

You’ll often hear people referring to trees as the essence of life and our most important investment, as they’re keeping us and our planet alive. Trees pretty much represent the lungs of the Earth, considering their immense role in air production. Without trees, there would be no humans, which is something we should all remind ourselves and our loved ones.

Also, you’ve probably heard of the rule of the thumb that for every tree cut down, three should be planted in order to maintain the optimal number of trees and give back to nature in a way. As forgetful as we can be about the importance of trees and nature in general, it is in everyone’s best interest that we prioritize the state of nature at this point.

There’s really no need to go into details when it comes to the importance of trees for our ecosystem. Nevertheless, before we dive into more abstract symbolism, it is important to remember that trees, as well as nature in general, require our utmost respect and attention.

In many cultures and traditions, trees have been cherished and adored for centuries. First and foremost, trees stand as a symbol of strength and growth, due to obvious reasons. In addition, trees have also symbolized resurrection and the ability to start over in life, while also having important roles in various religious and spiritual rituals, texts, and customs. What’s more, trees have been linked to eternal wisdom, as they are able to witness numerous events, changes, and moments that are considered monumental.

Trees also stand for a deep connection between all people, regardless of their age, social status, and other characteristics, as they live on for numerous generations to enjoy. Finally, tree branches represent a bond regardless of differences. People may differ in many aspects, but at the end of the day, we’re all citizens of the world – sharing the tree of life.

The Forest Keepers trees ketubah design portrays the beauty of nature which can only leave a man speechless. This wonderful tree-inspired ketubah piece celebrates nature, the forest, and all its beautiful inhabitants while capturing the harmony and serenity that can only be felt among trees. This tree-inspired ketubah is a perfect choice for couples who cherish and enjoy nature and want this ketubah to bring peace and unconditional love into their home. Finally, this trees ketubah is a special Papercut design, made with two layers of paper, fortifying the gorgeous design. For more trees ketubah designs, make sure to visit our online gallery.

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