Marry Jewish, Marry Shmewish? Marry Who You Love!

“OMG do you have to marry someone Jewish?!” If you have ever told anyone that you are Jewish, you might have gotten this reaction at least 65% of time. Sure Jewish celebrities and themes in movies and TV give people some more insight to Jewish customs and traditions, but this seems to be the most popular second only to “wait, so do you eat pork?!” And while they’re both valid questions, a quick peek at our Ketubah text options page might leave some people puzzled.

So it only makes sense to devot a blog from Team Ketubah to a quick discussion of what more than one sage commentator has dubbed the “Marry Jewish, Marry Shmewish” challenge of our generation. In particular, we also happened to stumble upon a great article from the great Jews over at Let My People Grow.

In his article, Seth Brown (incidentally, author of From God to Verse a hilarious translation of the Bible into ryming couplets—super exciting!), tries to debunk the myths that some of our grandparents might have about Jewish and Interfaith marriage.

This Is Not a Ketubah is ecstatic to make our life’s work the fulfillment of the Hiddur Mitzvah of making gorgeous traditional ideas into awesome, fun and colorful ketubot inspired by Modern Masters. But for us, the meaning of a Ketubah is an important bond between two people, regardless of their religious background.

Every couple we work with, from followers of Chabad to interfaith marriages and same-sex couples receives the same dedication and determination to create a gorgeous Ketubah inspired by the passions and aesthetics of each couple, without regard to religious belief but instead by listening to one’s heart.

No matter who you love, Team Ketubah can’t wait to offer a fantastic document for your wedding day and for your life….and in a small way, fulfill a mitzvah of creating happiness for all!

Team Ketubah

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