Surprise! Your Cute Ketubah Minis!

Congratulations! You’ve received your Ketubah mailer and inside found a very special surprise: Your Ketubah Minis, complete with your Personalized Text! Some of our couples get this special surprise inside with their Ketubah.

A few couples have asked what to do with their Ketubah Minis. Here’s some great ideas from Team Ketubah’s artists, and some couples themselves!

Your Ketubah Minis: Awesome Ideas!

  • Choose one to test out your Signing Pen
  • Carry them around in your Wallet!
  • Give one to your mother-in-law. She’ll
  • Put ’em on the fridge
  • Add it to your wedding album or scrapbook
  • Make it into a keychain (“the key to your heart”)
  • Marvel at how freakin cute they are!!

The list goes on… and we’d love to hear what you did with your Ketubah Minis!

Team Ketubah

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