Downright Perplexing Ketubah Choices? We Work With You!

What if I feel more like a Humanist than Reform? Or more Conservative than Orthodox? Finding the right Ketubah can be a time of deep thought and introspection, and Team Ketubah is here to help!

If you didn’t go to Rabbinical school, the whole idea of the Ketubah might be something a little confusing if not downright perplexing. Usually, we like to think our Team Ketubah posts are off-the-wall fun, but from time to time we like to take a swing to the academic. This might just even turn into a series!

If you’re a Conservative couple looking for a Conservative Ketubah, your Rabbi probably referred you to something called the “Lieberman Clause” without blinking an eye. While Lieberman might have been the name of your elementary school librarian (in my case anyway!), it is pretty unlikely that Mrs. Lieberman has anything to do with your conservative wedding.

Luckily, the work of Saul Lieberman had been an interesting—if not exciting—topic among Jewish intellectual and academic circles for some time. Ever since the idea of enacting a modern Beit Din to grant divorces as proposed by Rabbi and Professor Lieberman, different sects of Judaism have brought their own views, opinions, and ultimately use or rejection of it.

Among the best of these commentators is Rabbi Josh Yuter, who publishes his podcasts an articles over at his site, Yutopia: The Online Home of Rabbi Josh Yuter. Awesomely, his insightful classes and podcasts have occasionally touched on marriage, even this delicate issue of the Lieberman Clause! You can check out his podcast, called Saul Lieberman and the Orthodox. Check it out!

If you’re a Conservative couple not sure what text to use, we’re more than happy to work with you on finding the perfect words for an awesome beautiful modern art Ketubah. We’d love to work with you both on your journey to the wedding, whether inspired by Chagall Ketubah designs or our other modern masters!

Team Ketubah

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