Special Delivery: Shabbat Shalom!

Few things are more exciting than tracking a FedEx package across the country…especially when it is a specially made Ketubah! Every time we ship a Ketubah, all of Team Ketubah–almost compulsively–checks to see the status of our VIP (Very Important Parcel) on its journey to its new home.

This particular Ketubah was headed to Sacramento, California where the happy couple couldn’t wait to take it out of its box. Our fantastic printer only ships in flat-boxes, ensuring a crease and warp-free modern Ketubah directly to you door. The great folks at FedEx care for you package and whisk it across the country on Next Business Day shipping.

Seeing the green FedEx status-bar happily illuminated with a green DELIVERED button is super excited, both for Team Ketubah and the happy couple who look forward to signing it. We can’t think of a better start to a peaceful, restful Shabbat!

Shabbat Shalom!

Jacob & Team Ketubah

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