Matzah Protection for your iPhone!

Ready? Get Set! Go! In just three short days Passover will be in full swing, and we’re not ashamed to get caught up in Passover and all of its cheer (read: gimmicks). But even beyond all the jokes that can be made about the suffering of the Jewish people during these eight days — I mean Matzah isn’t exactly the world’s favorite food — there is something about the mixing of tradition and modern design that made these two finds really neat!

Team Ketubah couldn’t wait to share these novelties in the spirit of Passover. They may not use the bold colors and modern designs our Ketubot are known for, but they’re hilarious all the same! First, the ever-classy and very temporal case for iPhone. After a week it kind of loses it’s fun, but at least it gives you an excuse to play with your phone at the Seder Table!

Personal experience shows that playing with phones near Matzah could seriously damage the life of your electronics– Matzah crumbs can be worse than sand!! Speaking of the beach, these Matzah-inspired boxer shorts also win some serious points for the mix of modern-and-traditional. Could our ancestors ever have anticipated that the pride of their Seder tables would one day grace young men’s undergarments? We guess not.

The jury is out on whether they are making a ladies’ line as well, but something tells us that these matzah-trousers aren’t super-comfortable. And everyone knows that when you’re spending a few hours at a family gathering, comfortable is the way to go. Whether there are lots of Jews at your seder or your interfaith Passover is one for the ages, these Matzah Boxers just might be the way to go. Plus, you’ll need the elastic in the waistband to make sure you’re happy ass a kosher clam while chowing down on all the Matzah Ball Soup, Gefilte Fish, and Brisket you can muster!

Hag Sameach and Happy Passover from Team Ketubah!

Team Ketubah

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