Passover Food: Enough With the Matzah!

Last Friday, we sat down with our families and friends to engage in the age-old Seder (sometimes with a modern twist!). Being the 8 day holiday that it is, this means that Passover doesn’t officially end until Saturday at sundown. And that friends, is a lot of Matzah. And a lot of Matzah-based food. The Jewish people can get a little tired of so much Matzah!

Enter The Shiksah, the only woman we trust more than our own mothers when it comes to incredible Kosher food, and she’s gone all out for Passover. Can’t stand to bake another Matzah Pizza? Tried of the whole Matzah-with-Poached-Egg trick to hold off your hunger? The Shkisah to the record! Check out this most delicious recipe she’s featuring. And you probably have most of the recipes on hand!

A quick trip to the store to get the Passover’s Miracle food, Quinoa, and you’re already on your way! This dish is Dairy, too, so if you’re not a fan of mixing milk and meat, you can go crazy with all the cheese and Dairy deserts you want!

Roasted Mushroom Quinoa Risotto might not be the name of a dish your grandmother would serve, but the mushrooms certainly give it an old world feel. Mixing tradition with the name, The Shiksah’s blog is a great resource of couples–especially reform and interfaith, to find a way to plug into the faith and traditions they’ve grown apart from. ANd if it tastes delicious, why not get started!

Looking for some other great Passover inspiration so you don’t go crazy during the last two days of our yeast-free celebration of Exodus? How about Israeli Salad or some Fish that isn’t Gefilte?

Passover is almost over, so it might as well be delicious!

Team Ketubah

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