Mystery and Glory Married: Castle Ketubah

Mystery and Glory Married: Castle Ketubah

How many of you have dreamed of living in a castle? We know we certainly do! Who wouldn’t want the fairytale life of living in a glorious, fascinating medieval castle, surrounded by luxurious objects, silk sheets, candles, and astonishing decor? Everything about castles is surrounded with a veil of a mystery many centuries old, and it is precisely the mystery and glory surrounding these beautiful objects that draws people to them. Many castles stand as testimonies of their owners’ history and time. Even though many of the famous families and dynasties do not live in these castles anymore, their presence can still be felt in every inch of their castle, which is one of the biggest parts of their legacies.

Castles have appeared in the medieval period, built for royalty and noble families, and fortified due to safety reasons. Besides glamour, luxury, and comfort, these rich and important families needed their residences to be extremely secure and shielded from the enemy. Also, many castles were built in a way that would allow the guard to fight back from their position if needed. The fact that some castles survived through brutal wars and numerous hardships speaks of the impeccable and admirable architecture of that time.

Castles are often associated with the royal lifestyle and everything it entailed, including important historical events, grandiose parties, as well as glamorous and enchanting fashion of that time, such as hand-sewn gowns and suits. The interior of these castles stands as a “living” proof of the lifestyle of medieval people, which was far from dull and ordinary. However, the exterior may sometimes tell the other side of the story: the attacks the settlement suffered, the wars that the castle survived, and the claws of the time that, no matter how well-built the castle is, have dug into its walls. Luckily, many extravagant castles have been restored and preserved.

The Tim’s World ketubah design, inspired by Tim Burton and hisĀ Corpse Bride theme, is a gorgeous piece of modern art which emphasizes and embraces the tempting darkness and sophistication of castles. The mysterious night atmosphere with a castle in the background is enriched with the addition of a couple representing love and romance even in an unorthodox, gloomy setting such as this one. This unique castle ketubah piece is perfect for admirers of Tim Burton’s work, as well as couples who appreciate the unusual mixture of dark fairytale and romantic elements. Make sure to check out our special Castle Ketubah collection!

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