Progressive Text Questions: Reform, Interfaith + Humanist

Having trouble filling out your Ketubah Information Sheet? Not sure if you should include your parent’s middle names in the Ketubah? If your using one of our Progressive Texts — Reform, Interfaith, or Humanist — Here is some help to guide you!

Progressive Text Questions:
Reform, Interfaith + Humanist

Our #1 Advice: Check with your Rabbi or Officiant!

  • Combining New & Old Traditions: There is lots of flexibility with how you choose to include the information! On more traditional texts, such as the Orthodox text, the customs and rules are stricter — but our more progressive texts are totally up to the couple!
  • Do we have to put our middle names? If you’re uncertain if you want to include both your Middle and Last names, it’s up to you! The same is true for your parents. In the Very Old Country, Jews didn’t have Last Names, and Parents names were used as an identifier to a specific person. Use what feels most comfortable and natural to you!
  • Write exactly how you want the names to appear on the Ketubah Information Sheet. This will help us have a super-fast turn-around on your Ketubah!
  • Deceased Parents: For Orthodox Ketubah, there is a particular way to note that a parent has passed. For Progressive Ketubah, what matters the most is that you feel you are honoring your parents’ memory, and keeping your identity! For most couples, include the deceased parent’s name on the Ketubah without changing the text
  • Omitting Parents: If you’d like to omit a parent’s name from the Ketubah, we’re happy to do what makes you feel the most comfortable! Please indicate it on the Ketubah Information Sheet by writting “omit”. Blank spaces confuse us!
  • Our #1 advice is: check with your Rabbi or Officiant! Since they’ll be overseeing the ceremony, we want to make sure they 100% love the Ketubah, and approve it! That’s why we always send you digital Pre-Proof Prints, and we’ll never send to print without the Green Light from you!

So, fill out the form in the way you feel most comfortable, share it with your Rabbi, and we look forward to getting started when you send it back our way :)

Team Ketubah

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