Traditional Orthodox Aramaic Text!

Looking for the most traditional text option for your Ketubah? One that has been used for hundreds (since the Talmudic era!) of years by the Jewish people? Did your Rabbi tell you to get “any Orthodox text” but not sure what he meant? Read on!

For our most religious text option, Team Ketubah uses The Traditional Orthodox Aramaic Text as published by the Rabbinic Council of America. The RAC is an organization of over 1,000 Orthodox rabbis from across the world, which services the Orthodox rabbinate and partners with various Jewish organizations to promote the welfare, interest professionalism among Orthodox rabbis.

Team Ketubah uses the exact exact text offered by the RCA on their website, the standard among North American Orthodox and Modern Orthodox Rabbis. You can download the official RAC Aramaic Text PDF by clicking here.

The RAC also has a recommend English, and we’re glad to use that as well! Choose these options on your Order Form and we’ll get started on your proof in no time!

Rabbinical Council of America Aramaic

Rabbinical Council of America English accompanying text

Share this text with your Rabbi to double-check that everything is Kosher! If your Rabbi or officiant would prefer a different text, be in touch , and we’d love to help! Or, you can check out our additional Ketubah Text Options!

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