Reveal your Sweet Romance with Cheesy Ketubot

“I loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.”

Great Expectations, Novel by Charles Dickenson

You may ignore it or hide in subtle ways of romance, but embrace the fact that no one can avoid the tickling flavor of cheesiness in a blooming romance. That’s impossible not to dive into the gooey love affair without the hint of cheesy love lines. With our wide range of adorably attractive cheesy ketubot collection, we present you an amazingly beautiful illustration of cheesy romance where every single piece is all set to color your life with its artistic beauty and intricate designs.

Inspired by the deep and influential works of Picasso, the Loving Embrace Ketubah, and the Blue Couple Ketubah, make our cheesy ketubot collection more desirable and attractive. Peculiarly depicting the true essence of deep rooted love that doesn’t know any boundaries, and is all about a crazy ride of passion, and a promise of eternal togetherness.

With a powerful depiction of strong emotions, particularly for the moment when two lovers kiss,  the Loving Embrace Ketubah superbly illustrates enthusiastic feelings of a couple. Whereas, the Blue Couple Ketubah astonishingly showcases the beautiful feelings of serenity and calmness that a couple enjoys while embracing the love of their life. Peaceful and tranquil expressions of the girl and the man portray that its arms of their love that bring them the pure feeling of relaxation, protection, and tenderness. Both are obvious choices for any couple who wanted to display what they feel in their heart about love.

Studded with a colorful range of diversely designed paisleys, the Paisley Road ketubah perfectly illustrate the dynamics of life with full enthusiasm and happiness. Paisley designs have a long history and rich symbolic power in many cultures. This unique Persian motif portrays floral spray with cypress tree, while considered as a symbol of the life and eternity in Zoroastrian. Similarly, in Hindu culture, it represents fertility and also has a strong resemblance to Ying-yang symbol through its drop like appearance. There is no end to its deep cultural rooting and immense significance throughout the history. This ketubah is a definite choice for the couple who love dramatically creative modern designing with a blend of classic traditions.


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