Shine Bright Like a Diamond! Enjoy Diamond Ketubot

“She smiled and said with an ecstatic air: “It shines like a little diamond”,

“What does?”,

“This moment. It is round, it hangs in empty space like a little diamond; I am eternal.”

From the Age of Reason, Novel by Jean-Paul Sartre

Every time! Any time!! Even a little splash of a loving look from the love of your life lets you fly in the air, in a sparkling place brightened up like diamonds. Blooming love can have such an amazingly strong effect. To celebrate such joyous moments of blossoming romance and tender love, that spreads sparkles all around the couple, we have adorned our splendid collection of Diamond ketubot with superb artistry, intricate creativity, and loads of love.

You’ll get to see an array of beautiful design portrayed through a wide shade palette in the Bohemian papercut ketubah. This papercut artistry is surely a must have. While for those who love the elegance and subtlety of delicately designed floral shapes and artistic swirls will definitely fall in love with this gorgeous masterpiece. Most importantly, ketubah text is displayed in bold that harmoniously rhyme with the artistic work of ketubah.

Well, the awesomeness of papercut collection doesn’t stop there, instead the Diamond Ketubot collection display another beautiful illustration of a carefully crafted masterpiece of papercut art, the Winter Paperland Papercut Ketubah. This ketubah is a definite choice for a couple who loves the snowy evenings of winter and wishes to brighten up the rest of their life with the shine of their love. This delicately crafted ketubah with beautiful designing is all set to make your love eternal.

The crystal dance ketubah is another stunning addition to this gorgeously appealing series of diamond ketubot. The beauty of this uniquely designed ketubah lies in its alluring artistry that merges the abstract designs with two symmetrical lines, depicting the subtle yet chic take on the mix of classic and modern art. This ketubah superbly portrays the meaning of life, illustrating the basic fact that you live your lives in a predefined symmetry, beautified with glistening times.

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