Seasonal Ketubahs for the Rusty Days of Fall

Each season has it’s good and bad. But perhaps none is more beloved than America’s favorite season which has only just begun: Fall.

The season where trees transform into brilliant shades of gold and rust; the season where leaves crunch under your every step; the season of scarves and boots; the season of Halloween; and most importantly for Starbucks lovers, the season of Pumpkin Spice Lattes ;)

Fall holds a special place in America’s heart. Not only for it’s stunning landscape, but for the great weather that acts as a buffer between sweaty summer and shivering winter. Many couples choose to hold their special day in the midst of the annual tree-shedding season, and mark the special time of the year with a seasonal Ketubah.

Fall ketubahs are of colors that perfectly complement seasonal fall Jewish weddings. They make great showpieces for couples who wish to display their ketubahs at the ceremony or later on in their new home. Their warm tones fit into any setting and ooze sophistication, style and refined taste – all at the same time!

Our Fall Ketubot Collection features a dazzling spectrum of ketubahs in shades of gold, orange, rust, and brown.

fall ketubah

The Baroque Autumn Ketubah is a subtle reminder of fall and the vintage era of before our time. It brings to life the patterns seen everywhere in that period just before we were born — for that which is vintage is always that of your grandparents’ era, no matter how old or young you are.

fall ketubah

A joint statement of all four seasons is The Seasonal Trees Ketubah.  a beautiful detailed design with striking, vibrant tones. Each tree shows a different color, thus representing a different season. This Ketubah is a beautiful symbol of each season and change of a couples’ life together. Each season distinctly different, but beautiful in their own right.

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