Shine Bright like a Diamond Ketubah

Shine Bright like a Diamond Ketubah

For centuries, a diamond has been a symbol of prestige and high-class society. Not everyone could afford one since a real diamond was extremely rare, and therefore of great value. A diamond was incorporated in the crowns of the world’s biggest leaders, and the favorite jewelry of femme fatales throughout history. Its value might not have always been as high as today, but it was certain that a diamond was a precious and admirable item.

Nowadays, we see that a diamond plays a significant role in romance, given that it has become a synonym for the next phase in a relationship between two people in love. A diamond usually signifies the beginning of the road which leads to the happiest occasion of them all – the wedding day.

On the other hand, a diamond ring isn’t necessary for a person to showcase their feelings. After all, it is the gesture that counts, not the diamond or any other piece of jewelry. Your love story can be coronated with or without a diamond – it is all up to you.

The meaning of a diamond stretches far beyond the obvious. A diamond is more than just a jewel, and it can symbolize many important things. The rareness of a diamond can be used to describe the uniqueness of what two people share. Every love story has its own shape and leaves a distinct mark in people’s lives – just like a diamond.

Finding a person who is a yin to your yang and who makes you feel fulfilled is like finding a diamond in a pile of dull rocks. Some of them may catch your attention for a brief second, but none will fascinate you enough because they’re not the exquisite diamond you’re searching for.

The Crystal Dance ketubah presents the mosaic surface of a blue diamond, emphasizing its detail and complexity. The ketubah also portrays the mesmerizing dazzling reflection the diamond gives off. The Diamond Heart neutralizes the apparent coldness of a frosty diamond in the background with a pop of color in a fiery heart-shaped diamond in the focus. This particular design can also represent the union of the opposites since it is a mesh of a blue, calming diamond, and a passionate, red one. If you’re a fan of modern art in the real sense of the word, and you would like your ketubah to be particularly urban, you should definitely head over to our gallery and take a look at Go Pop ketubah design inspired by Brian Donnelly’s work

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