Be the Author of Your Own Story with Ketubah for Book Lovers

Be the Author of Your Own Story with Ketubah for Book Lovers

Whenever you feel like escaping the reality, even for a brief moment, you can find your way through a book. Even if you feel like you can’t avoid the noise and the crowd around you, all you need to do is find a good book and let it lure you into its world. It’s like everything around you suddenly becomes quiet, blurry and irrelevant, and all that is left is you and the book of your choice.

There is no time traveling machine, or a known way to freeze precious moments and keep reliving them, but a book can provide something that no other artistic piece can. Book lovers have experienced this out-of-this-world state of bliss which can take you anywhere you’d like to be that day. You can change your location, your identity, and even your entire life with a book that enables you to identify with its characters.

A regular man may have only one life to live, but if you’re a book lover, you can live as many times as you want, through every single book you read. Each and every book offers a brand new world, story, and history. Unlike movies, a good book allows you to envision your own scenario, characters, and places. A book is actually a playground for your imagination, and you get to paint every corner, dress the characters, give them voices, and adjust the story to your liking instead of having it served.

The Library ketubah captures every book lover’s favorite place to be. It presents the alluring atmosphere of a library which offers endless possibilities for a book lover. In this library, one of the books carries the writing of your ketubah. The Book Lovers ketubah is yet another fantastic choice for literature fanatics, portraying the common situation in the home of people who are anxious to finish the current book and start the next one.

While each book presents an opportunity for you to create a different kind of reality, perhaps there is nothing about your love story that you would change, and there is absolutely no need to escape the present. This is the book that you get to write, design, and most importantly – live. Our ketubah collection for book lovers offers stunning designs which can take your personal story to the next level and be the cherry on top.

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