Winter Ketubah – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… and Your Life!

Winter Ketubah – The Most Wonderful Time of the Year… and Your Life!

For some people the winter time marks endings. Winter comes and ends the long days full of sunshine, the pleasant breeze and the vividness all around is. It seems that, as soon as winter arrives, everything decides to fall asleep, setting their alarms to spring. Nature strips its bright colors off, while the strangers in the streets decide to set aside their smiles until the last trace of winter has vanished.

It’s all about the perception though, and seeing beauty in winter may raise some eyebrows. Nevertheless, your plan was never to fit into a pattern since you don’t care for obvious beauty, but you appreciate complexity, such the one winter brings along. It is almost as if winter had put up a wall so that only special people could see through its veil and recognize its magic.

You can smell the winter in the air before it actually steps out and shows its face. While the air becomes crisp, the fireplaces start lighting up and the winter atmosphere is around the corner. Winter brings up childhood memories followed by the smell of freshly baked homemade cookies straight out of the oven, and the first signs of the approaching holiday season – the happiest time of the year.

Everyone always talks about love in summer, neglecting the beauty of those loves born in the winter time. Winter is the time you wish to spend with someone who will appreciate the peacefulness it brings. Also, there are many special occasions during the winter that can truly be felt only with the right person by your side. Those cold winter nights in December have witnessed more genuine embraces than any other time of the year.

One of the most magical moments in the winter time is seeing the first snowflake swirling through the wind. Our unique Winter Paperland Papercut Ketubah portrays this magnificent dance of the snowflakes, carefully mimicking every single detail and shape, coming in ten different color combinations for your own unique winter ketubah experience. Another astonishing winter piece, Winter lights ketubah, presents the mesmerizing playful winter tones, dazzling in the night.

Whether your love had blossomed breaking the winter curse, or your favorite memories take you back to a mountain cabin and long conversations by the fire, one of the special pieces from our winter ketubah collection can revive the feelings and stand as an epitome of your exceptional love.

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