Ketubah with Clouds – if You’re on Cloud Nine

Ketubah with Clouds – if You’re on Cloud Nine

If we were to peek inside people’s minds, we would mostly find that clouds have a rather dreamy connotation. Clouds have always been there to sparkle up our imagination as we’re confessing our dreams to the sky. Each of the clouds could instantly take the shape of anything we want them to be: a favorite animal, a dream house, or the face of a loved one. It is their ability to adapt to our own desires that makes the clouds so special.

The sky and the clouds have fascinated men since the beginning of time. Because they seemed so unattainable and untouchable, everyone wanted to reach the clouds, to feel their softness and observe the world from the heights. In numerous illustrations and paintings, we have seen little angels resting on the clouds, hopping from one to another and dancing their days away.

Clouds aren’t only associated with the stories from our childhood and the myths we used to believe in before we could fully grasp their existence. Even today, when we understand them, we refuse to see the clouds as something basic and free of magic. Clouds are still everything we want them to be, every single day, and they never get tired of adapting to our vision.

The White Skylines ketubah portrays a peaceful sky and the harmony of clouds married together – the kind of day which would make you jump out of the bed in the morning. If you’re a cartoon lover, this Charlie Brown inspired Be My Valentine ketubah will sweep you off your feet, especially since it incorporates the clouds as we used to draw them as children. The simplicity, as well as vividness of a child’s imagination, is captured in this ketubah design, and the clouds further augment the effect.

At times, there will only be a couple of clouds slowly floating across the clear pastel blue sky. Other days, it is rain and thunder that the clouds will bring into our lives, disrupting the tranquility. Just like in a union of two people, the sun will sometimes lose its spotlight to a couple of big, grey clouds, but it won’t matter since you’ll remember that the sun will win it back. Also, you’ll master the ability to appreciate even the clouds of this sort by dedicating the day to romantic movies, a cup of tea by the fireplace, simply cherishing your life together.

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