Wish upon a Ketubah with Stars

Wish upon a Ketubah with Stars

In many different cultures, stars have different meanings. However, each of these meanings carries a great magnitude since stars were never taken for granted. Whether people feared, respected, or worshiped them, there was never a time when the light of the stars could be ignored. If you want your ketubah to make a statement, going with a design with the stars is a safe choice.

Some of the myths about stars live to this day. Perhaps you’re one of the people who close their eyes when they see shooting stars and make a wish dear to their heart that they’re not allowed to confess out loud. On the other hand, you may stick with the belief that it is bad luck to count the stars in the sky, which is a method many people resort to when they have trouble falling asleep.

They say that those more fortunate than others happened to be born under lucky stars. Whether you believe in a predestined course of events written in the stars, or you prefer the concept of a self-achieved fate, I guess you wouldn’t mind a bit of their magic sprinkled onto your life.

Since the beginning of time, stars have guided the lost back to their loved ones, and they have witnessed some of the most romantic love stories. The role of the stars in romance is undeniable and unmatchable, especially with a side of flowers and music. Some of the bolder romantics even reserved the stars in the sky to impress their loved ones!

Stars stand for wishes, dreams, and inspiration. In fact, stars personify everything that people are trying to reach, including love, family, and longevity. It seems that the stars are aligned with the symbolism of ketubah since it also carries a couple’s desires and goals in the unity they’ve formed.

We have incorporated the powerful symbolism of stars in our ketubah designs in many different ways and styles. Under the Moonlight stars ketubah personifies the modern touch in our ketubah design, with bold colors and sharp lines. Not many views can beat the magnificence of The New York Skyline which becomes even more magical when thousands of stars fill up the sky over the Big Apple. If you’d like the focus of your ketubah to be on the writing, The Journey ketubah with stars offers a mesmerizing starry background. Finally, for those of you who want the stars to stand out in the design, The Stars in the Sky ketubah portrays a wonderful galaxy.

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