The Color of Love: Red Ketubah

The Color of Love: Red Ketubah

Red color can have a wide variety of interpretations, depending on one’s perception. For some, red is a signal of danger and forbidden zones. Afterall, we all try to avoid red flags as they usually mean bad news. On the other hand, for some people the color of red carries nothing but a purely positive connotation, including passion, wild spirit, and ultimately – love. The intensity of red color stands for untamable emotions, passionate outlook on life, strength, and courage. Not everyone can pull off red since it is eye-catching, revolutionary, bold, and unmistakeably noticed. People who are low-profile and don’t enjoy the spotlight will probably avoid red color when it comes to their ketubah design. However, in case your intention is just the opposite, red ketubah design is a safe choice.

When you think of red, many different associations can come to your mind. For instance, red roses, which have symbolized chivalry and romance for centuries may be the primary association. There is also flamenco, a passionate dance which often incorporates red in dancers’ wardrobe as the color of desire and love. Red lipstick will forever remain a classic and a standard when it comes to female beauty, and it has often been used to decorate love letters and send a unique romantic message. As we enjoy the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, it is the color of red that splatters all over the sky, creating an impression of a skyline on fire. Red does symbolize fire, both literally and figuratively. When it comes to its metaphoric meaning, red color represents a fire within us – that drive, determination, enthusiasm, and willpower that is our fuel through life. The choice of a red ketubah may also represent your rebellious spirit and your willingness to think outside the box and disregard conventions, which is something we strongly encourage!

The Rothko Blooms ketubah is a specific design in our red ketubah gallery which marries a couple of impressive factors: modern art, the artistic impact of Mark Rothko and his work, the impressive beauty of nature, and of course –  the color of red. In this design, several equally impactful shades of red create a magical fusion in contrast to the blooming tree. This particular red ketubah design is a testimony of the intensity and undeniable power of red color, which is perfect for couples who do not usually gravitate towards subtle options.


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