The Official Guide: Receiving & Signing your Ketubah!

Congratulations! Team Ketubah has sent your Ketubah to print, and you’ve received the FedEx or UPS tracking number. Hurray!

Note:If you don’t receive your Ketubah or the FedEx delivery status is inaccurate, email or call Team Ketubah right away!

Opening & Flattening Your Ketubah

As soon as you receive your Ketubah, open up the mailer! Inside you’ll find your Ketubah, and maybe some surprises too. Depending on your print medium, your Ketubah may arrive in a tough Cardboard Tube, or shipped flat in a sturdy rectangular box, guarded by additional layers of Cardboard inside the box.

For Ketubot Shipped Flat, carefully open the package by opening the box from one end. DO NOT cut into the box — you could damage your print! As you remove the support board which carries the Ketubah, carefully remove the light adhesive tape. Inspect your print to make sure its absolutely perfect, and check the mailer for any other little surprises! After you and your fiance have admired your print, return it to the print to the box in a cool, dry place. It’s the safest place until wedding day!

For Rolled Ketubot Shipped in Tubes, begin opening the mailer at the end closest to the shipping label, and remove all tape or packaging from that end. DO NOT cut into the tube — you could damage your print! As you remove the print from the Tube, gently drag it vertically along the tube wall. Stay calm, and be careful not to force the print with your fingers!
Once you’ve removed the print, it may have a slight curl, this is totally normal! We recommend placing the print on a flat surface, and leave it for 24 hours. If after this time the print still does not lay flat, you can weight down your print with books or other non-sharp weights, by first place a layer of wax-paper between the print and the weights. One flattened, we recommend maintaining the print flat until Wedding Day!

Transporting your Ketubah

Team Ketubah recommends transporting your Ketubah to the wedding site in the same mailer package it arrived in.
If you have recently flattened a rolled Ketubah, carefully re-roll the Ketubah and place it in the mailer. If it is only rolled for transportation and is immediately taken out and laid flat again at the wedding site, it should stay flat!

Signing Your Ketubah

Yay! The moment is here! By signing your Ketubah, you’ll be joining generations of Jewish couples, and even having a little fun! Here are some tips for every print type, and we recommend extra care for Endura Prints!

Before Wedding Day:

  • Consult with your Rabbi or Officiant on the signing ceremony or process, so you know what to expect
  • Choose one of the Pens for Signing Your Ketubah page, and chose the option that is best for your style and taste.

On Wedding Day:

  • Have the signing pen and a spare sheet of paper available, to test the pen and practice signatures, if signers are feeling excited.
  • Place your Ketubah in a central location. We don’t recommend passing the Ketubah around the room!
  • Advise the Ketubah Party that there will be wet ink! Avoiding ugly smudges can be prevented! Give the heads up to all signers to be very careful, and mindful of previous signatures
  • Give ample drying time for the signatures, on all print mediums for all pens. Humidity, lighting and temperature can all affect drying time — don’t risk touching the print too soon!
  • Congrats on successfully signing your Ketubah!

    We can’t wait to see pictures!!

    Team Ketubah

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