Conservative with Lieberman Clause Text Option!

If you belong to a Conservative temple, synagogue, or congregation or your Rabbi will probably ask you to find a Ketubah with a Conservative Text, with Lieberman Clause!

Team Ketubah's Conservative text is the same endorsed by the Rabbincal Assembly, the international association of Conservative rabbis.

Conservative Text with Lieberman Clause

You can see the Conservative Ketubah Text Info Here, or download the PDF. Team Ketubah uses this exact text, and we'd be happy to edit it, to your Rabbi's request!

We're more than happy to Mix-and-Match the text with any English option you prefer. Of course, we always send you a Pre-Print Proof and will never print without the Green Light from you, and your Rabbi!. So, no need to worry!

See the rest of our text options here.

If you have more questions, give Team Ketubah a call! 347-627-0022 or email us at < >.

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