The Seuss Ketubah, Here At Last – A Ketubah For Shabbos, Have A Blast

Following our Friday afternoon tradition, we just put online our latest Ketubah, Today is Your Day. This Ketubah is an Ode to Dr Seuss.

But the best part is to come. Team Ketubah’s very own Autumn wrote the description. This definitely wins the award for the best TINAK description we’ve ever written. Enjoy it yourself:

You ordered the cake,
All your friends will come to town
The plans are almost all finished,
You even have your perfect wedding gown!

So what could be missing? You think with your thinker
A Ketubah of course! And we have just the winner!

This Ketubah is bright and full of flying bafooms,
It even has wild trees, reaching high to the moon

But what you’ll love most,
And what’s better than best
Is that couple in love
That stick out above the rest!

So today is your day
Don’t let your happiness hide
You have found the love of your life
And this Ketubah will show that with pride!

See the Ketubah yourself here!

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