Recreating Your Parents’ Ketubah?

We had an interesting request from a couple a few months ago: Ethan and his fiancee wanted to create a Ketubah that is a recreation of an old Ketubah that (if I remember correctly!) a relative of theirs used. We worked very hard and the result is… wonderful!

This one was an interesting challenge because, usually, the text and art are fairly separate. But here, the text IS the art. Every little textual change resulted on significant changes to the art! But the result is modern and we love it!

Interestingly, this was a Ketubah from the ’60s. When we think of “recreating” Ketubot, we think of recreating 18th century or ancient Ketubot. Not something hip from the hippie generation!

Our Recreation of an old Ketubah

Our Recreation of an old Ketubah

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