The Sweetest Love: Fruit Ketubah

The Sweetest Love: Fruit Ketubah

Is there a better feeling in the world than being able to reap the fruit of your labor? And by labor, we don’t just refer to your career and professional accomplishments in life, but more so to all of the achievements that make life great. For instance, the relationship that brings two people in front of such an important, life-changing decision as marriage is nothing less than the fruit of their mutual labor. And if you’re here today before your big day, we congratulate you on nourishing and protecting your love, and we hope you’ll find a perfect ketubah design among our fruit-inspired ketubah pieces.

What’s interesting about fruit is that, throughout history, and in different cultures, it bears different meanings. For instance, apples are seen as symbols of peace in China, whereas apple blossoms are perceived as a representation of female beauty. In other traditions, this fruit stands for different values, including fertility, youthfulness, and wisdom. In Greek mythology, apple trees in possession of Hera, the queen of gods, were guarded by a dragon. In the myth, Hera’s fruit was golden and its taste resembled honey.

In Japanese culture, a peach stands for youthfulness, as in one of their myths, the people who tasted this heaven-sent fruit became younger. On the other hand, in Chinese tradition, this fruit was associated with eternal life, as a goddess grew peaches of immortality that expanded the life span of those who were lucky enough to taste them.

In both Greek and Roman cultures and traditions, a pear is considered a sacred fruit, often mentioned in myths about goddesses including Aphrodite, Hera, and Pomona. In China, on the other hand, it was pear that signified immortality, due to the fact that pear trees are extremely resilient and long-lasting. Another interesting fact about this fruit when it comes to Chinese tradition is that their word for pear also means separation, which is why they believe that sharing this fruit with someone brings bad luck.

The Pomegranates ketubah design is not only a perfect representative of our fruit ketubah collection, but there’s also more to it than what meets the eye. The fruit represented in this ketubah stands for the prosperity and longevity of the Jewish people and Israel, inspired by the beauty and mysticism of this beautiful land. The Pomegranate, being one of the Seven Species of Israel, is a well-known fruit among the Jews, and a common symbol in art and literature.

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