When You Just Can’t Help Your Sweet Tooth: Candy Crush Ketubah

When You Just Can’t Help Your Sweet Tooth: Candy Crush Ketubah

When it comes to candy crush, what’s the first association that comes to mind? Whether it is the video game or a sugar rush you’re craving – you’re in the right place! Candy is one of those things that make our lives a bit complicated, and often we can find ourselves in a serious dilemma. What is it going to be: sweet indulgence followed with a wave of guilt, or depriving yourself of these forbidden pleasures and remaining at peace with yourself (and the scale)? We get you; that’s what a sweet tooth does to people. As you could already guess, our topic for the day is candy – so make sure to get some if you’re about to check out our candy crush inspired ketubah collection!

Have you ever thought about the history of candy and the ways people enjoyed sugar before it was “banned” by dieticians? Let’s start with a little bit of etymology, as the word candy dates from the 13th century and it is derived from an Arabic word for “made of sugar” – qandi. In ancient times, people weren’t quite occupied with their selection of candy, and their only sweet indulgence was honey. Once they’ve decided to invest a bit more time and effort in their sweet snacks, they started making candied fruits and nuts in honey, taking their production of candy one step further.

It wasn’t until the time of Aztecs and Mayans that chocolate, the most popular piece of candy in history, was discovered. At first, chocolate was not eaten but rather drank, before the cocoa tree was brought to Europe by the Spanish explorers in 1519. However, it wasn’t until 1847 that actual chocolate candy bars were produced. The following year, Henry Nestle and Daniel Peter made candy history by introducing milk chocolate, which is a discovery many of us are eternally grateful for. Statistics say that people all over the world spend more than $7 billion on chocolate only, and you can only imagine the amount of money spent on all kinds of candy available today.

The Sugar Rush ketubah is an ideal representative of our Candy Crush inspired ketubah collection, and a perfect choice for a candy-loving couple. Portraying a small town scenery and a young couple in love, this ketubah design encompasses everything you’d want in a candy-inspired ketubah: romance, vibrant, cheerful colors and designs, and of course – candy obsession!

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