In the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan Ketubah

In the Land of the Rising Sun: Japan Ketubah

What makes Japan stand out so much, and the reason it’s so close to our hearts over at This Is Not a Ketubah is the fact that it is a perfect blend of the traditional and the modern – just like our ketubahs. While we combine modern art and traditional ketubah significance into one, Japan has managed to preserve its rich tradition, history, and culture despite the fact that they’re one of the most urban, modern, advanced countries. It’s safe to say that Japan did not let its soul get consumed or overshadowed by technological inventions and modern innovations, which must be their single most important accomplishment.

From a tourist point of view, it would really be hard to name all the attractions and breathtaking sights Japan offers, so we’ll try to limit this short review to just a few that we found absolutely fascinating. First and foremost, we must mention Mount Fuji, the highest volcano in Japan, which is considered one of the most prominent symbols of this country. Fuji is, in fact, one of the Three Holy Mountains in Japan, the other two being Mount Tate and Mount Haku. What makes Fuji stand out is the untouched nature that surrounds it, including mesmerizing lakes.

If you’re fascinated by Japanese architecture, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss a tour of the Tokyo Skytree – the single tallest tower in all of the world! How tall is the tallest? Well, in this case, precisely 634 meters. And yes, it includes two observation decks for tourists to experience a panoramic view of the capital of Japan.

We’ve already mentioned how Japan is the leader in technology and modernization, which they’ve proven through their fascinating railway network. Only in Japan will you get the opportunity to ride a Shinkansen train that can reach the speed of over 300 km/h! Yes, this is the reason why you can get to various places in Japan rather quickly.

Shinto Shrines and Buddist Temples represent the very essence of Japan and its tradition. These places of worship can be seen throughout the country, as they’re truly an integral part of the life of Japanese people. Either for aesthetic or religious reasons – these temples certainly deserve a spot on your Japan bucket list.

The Fuji Blossoms ketubah portrays the part of Japan that has nothing to do with technology and science, but is just as fascinating. As we’ve already mentioned, Mount Fuji is a Japanese landmark known all around the world for its indescribable nature. This Japan-inspired ketubah piece is a perfect choice for couples who are in love with Japanese nature and culture.

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