The Land of Ice and History: Russia Ketubah

The Land of Ice and History: Russia Ketubah

What is the first thought or a mental image that crosses your mind when Russia is mentioned? Is it the breathtaking architecture, the world-famous literature, the cruel climate in some of the parts of Russia, or their rich history and tradition? Yes, Russia is a story that cannot be told in a few words, but today we’re going to try to present some of its most remarkable symbols. Whether Russia is high on your bucket list, or you’ve already fallen in love with it, we’re quite positive you’ll enjoy this brief about it, as well as our Russia-inspired ketubah collection.

How big is Russia? Instead of talking about the territory, perhaps the best way to describe its magnitude is by pointing out the fact that Russia encompasses jaw-dropping 11 time zones, from Kaliningrad (UTC+2), all the way to Kamchatka (UTC+12). The country of Russia has a population of 144.5 million people, which is yet another testimony of its grandeur. An interesting piece of information regarding Russian time zones is that people living in Kaliningrad are able to watch the President’s New Year address to the nation 9 hours before the New Year arrives since that’s when the President is addressing those in Kamchatka.

Besides many other things, Russia is famous for its breathtaking landscapes, including the Kola Peninsula where mesmerizing northern lights can be experienced, Blue Lake which requires a permit to be visited, as well as the uninhabited Siberian Barguzin Valley. When it comes to monumental facilities, when in Russia one should not miss the opportunity to visit the Russian Museum of St. Petersburg, the National Museum where 2000-years-old gold jewelry is displayed, the Catherine Palace, as well as the Yusupov Palace. If you’re a fan of Russian literature, you’ll certainly have the Dostoevsky House Museum, the Anna Akhmatova Museum, as well as Lermontov Museum, marked on your map.

Russia is largely a Christian Orthodox country, and the home to many fascinating religious facilities, including St Basil’s Cathedral, the Transfiguration Monastery, as well as Grand Choral Synagogue which stands as a testimony of the great role Jewish people had in St. Petersburg. Speaking of the Jewish heritage in Russia, Jewish Museum & Centre of Tolerance is yet another historical and cultural landmark, while also being one of the most visited museums in Russia.

The Babushkas ketubah is a proud representative of our Russia-inspired ketubah collection, as it features perhaps the most prominent symbol of the Russian culture. And being that our ketubah designs celebrate love, this design incorporates two Babushka dolls as a representation of the unity of marriage.

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