What is a Photo Ketubah?

One common request we get is: “You guys are awesome! We’d love a Ketubah with our photo in it — can you do that?”.

Answering that question is not as easy as it sounds.

On the one hand, we can definitely do it! Send us your photo, we can play with it and add some filters and — voila! — you have a Ketubah! We sit around all day obsessing over Ketubot and how to create amazing ones, and it is wonderful to have a photo as a starting point, plus to work in something so intimate and special into the final product. The couple gets something more personal; the we get another outlet for our creativity and our obsession with making our couples super happy!

But, ay, here’s the rub. Making it look good is much, much harder than you would think. You would think — “oh, apply some filters! and voila! there you go!” — and we tried that but it’s tough. Everyone has picky tastes and it just requires a lot of back-and-forth. And a filter alone isn’t enough; we want to a filter turned into a piece of art.

In other words, our initial thought was, this could be an alternative to a commissioned Ketubah, for a couple that wants something deeply personalized, but a fully commissioned Ketubah is out of their reach. But they have become so intensive that we’re now coming up with a new strategy for the Photo Ketubah.

So, the obvious question is: Guys, Team Ketubah, what is your new strategy for the Photo Ketubah?

Well, great question! The answer is…. just hold your horses. We’re working on something cool and completely different than what we’ve done so far — but still taking our style, our mixture of the traditional and the modern — and creating a Ketubah that we think some of you will love. At least we will. It’s worth the wait.

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