What Themes are Appropriate for a Custom Ketubah?

An art Ketubah custom-created just for the couple can be about any of a variety of themes. What theme is best for the Ketubah?

There are a few ways to approach choosing the right subject for your Ketubah or Jewish wedding contract that you should think about before you buy or commission one.

One approach is the traditional approach: to choose art and a theme that reflects traditional Ketubot, such as trees, Jewish stars, and, more broadly, standard Jewish themes.

Another approach is to choose a subject that you are passionate about: your city, books — or whatever it is that you love spending your time obsessing over. Something that you are creative about, and that you understand and do in a very high quality way.

A third approach is to choose an artistic style or design that you really love. Maybe your favorite artist? Or favorite art movement? Contemporary or modern art? Impressionism? Perhaps even Dutch style — not to mention, there are rumors that Rembrandt was Jewish! It’s not hip but we love it!

A fourth approach is to choose as a theme a group you associate yourself with. Perhaps you like the “cool” style, or a lesbian theme, or a New York or Los Angeles of Philadelphia theme. Perhaps an artsy DIY style, or perhaps your favorite board game?

In conclusion — you really can and should choose whatever theme you want for your Ketubah, so long as it is respectful and doesn’t violate any of our sacred Jewish laws. The Ketubah is best as a reflection of both your personality and the modern yet ancient traditions of Judaism herself.

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