How do you choose if you want a Custom or Standard Ketubah?

If you want to buy a high quality Ketubah, one question you are faced with is: should I buy a custom made one, or a standard off-the-shelf one?

There are a few factors to take into account when choosing whether to commission an artist for a custom Ketubah, or to buy one from a store. Here are a few of them.

The first factor to consider is the Artist himself, or herself. Do you trust the artist? Is his (or her) past work just awesome, in a style you love? Has he, in the past, created designs for Ketubahs that you just love? Is his art an art that you respect and that inspires you? Have you seen an online gallery or store of his/her work?

The second factor to consider before you buy a standard or custom Ketubah is the cost. Is it expensive or cheap? How much does each cost? What is your budget? Note that one reason that it is great to work with Ketubah artists in Latin America is that they are much more affordable than artists who live in Manhattan or Los Angeles.

The third factor to consider is, what do you want on your Ketubah? If you want something standard or typical, then a normal Ketubah might be good for you. But if you want a design that is unique or contemporary; modern, hipster, different or new; or based on a personal interest? The more you want the Ketubah to reflect your individual personality and tastes, the more it makes sense to get a custom Ketubah.

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