Why a Ketubah that is Creative, Cool, Contemporary — and Custom!

What are traditional Ketubah patterns? They always contain the core text (contract) of the Ketubah; they usually contain some amount of decoration, almost always in the traditional Jewish styles (contain imagery such as Jewish stars and trees); and they are usually of a boilerplate design.

Before we think about buying a Ketubah, first, lets re-imagine the Ketubah for a moment. Particularly the design. Lets re-imagine it in a new, unique, and modern way. To think of it as art, cool modern art.

The first question this makes us as ourselves is, must a Ketubah be designed with the traditional Jewish aesthetic of Stars of David and trees? Although that is the tradition, that is in no way mandatory nor even encouraged; it’s just done that way because, well, we’ve been doing it that way for a long time. It is a mitzvah (hiddur mitzvah) to decorate your Ketubah; but as long as it is respectful and follows the laws of the Jewish decorative tradition, such as without any engravings of God (as Jewish law strongly forbids creating any idols) – then there is no hesitation to use modern, creative, and hipster designs. That’s why we can put in the three “c”-s: creative, cool, and contemporary Ketubot. We would add in a few other adjectives (quality or high-quality, or different or unique,for example) – but we like the repetitive rhythms of the “c”-s.

But there’s a fourth “c”, too, to consider when buying a Ketubah: custom. Why must your Ketubah be identical to everyone else’s? Couples now currently either use a Ketubah given to them by their Rabbi, or they buy one for a few hundred dollars from a generic online store. But why not have a Ketubah created, just about you, your interests, and your passions? What better way is there to memorialize your marriage than to turn the legal contract into art, created just for you, by amazing Jewish artists – that you can hang on your wall with pride? We can’t think of a better way. But then again, we’re pretty biased here.

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