Who is “Team Ketubah”? Answer: That’s Us!!!

Sometimes, people ask us, “Who is Team Ketubah?”. After all, we talk a lot about Team Ketubah this, Team Ketubah that, on our blog, on Etsy Ketubah page, everywhere!

Why do we call ourselves “Team Ketubah”? Well, for a few reasons!

First, it’s fun :) We like to have fun every moment. Life is short and we can die any second; therefore, lets do everything with passion, with a smile, and with complete integrity and honor!

Second, we are a team! You can read all about us on our Ketubah team page — and we’re proud of each and every one of us. Ariel, Autumn, Brad, Morgan (that’s me!), Nina, Yael, and everyone else (Hi Scott! Jacobo! And everyone else!!!) we work closely with who makes our awesomeness happen — we’re close, we’re always in our studio together, we love what we do!

The obvious follow-up question is…. “What is Ketubah HQ?”. We also get that, because we often talk about Team Ketubah’s “Ketubah HQ” or “Ketubah Headquarters”. And the answer… our arts studio!

We have a studio, and a showroom. Our studio is here in Buenos Aires, where the artists mostly live and spend most of their time. We’d love to meet any of you — if you happen to make it down to Buenos Aires. Drinks are on us! We’re very proud of our studio: it’s not huge and it’s not the hipster show-off Andy Warhol factory-like Studio… but there’s a half-dozen of us who spend 60 hours/week each here… and we just love it. We’re proud of what we do, our space — about our little Ketubah universe we’re building.

Our showroom is in New York, because two of us go to NY for half the year. So there’s a 50% chance we’re there any time. Want to see us? Drop us a line and ask, there’s a good 1-in-2 chance we’re there any time.

We’d love to meet you. Call us and come visit us. We’d especially love to welcome any of you here in Argentina!

Team Ketubah

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