Your Personal Time Machine: Retro Ketubah

Your Personal Time Machine: Retro Ketubah

With the overflow of new styles, trends, and movements, in the midst of the urban chaos and the sea of innovations, somehow, retro has found its way back. Its comeback wasn’t all that sudden, however. Over the years, we have witnessed different retro waves returning, one by one, and surprisingly gaining the sympathies of millennials who weren’t even around when these styles were at their prime. It may seem counterintuitive, but the bigger modern revolutions we experience, the more we seem to be melancholic about everything retro. What is it about the retro and past times that draws us back in and makes us embark on a trip down the memory lane? Retro is simply a testimony of great times and a way to relive or be a part of that greatness, even with a single piece of clothing, furniture, or your ketubah!

Retro, as a concept and a term, has been used since the 1960s. Retro has been used to describe melancholia and nostalgia people felt when it comes to the past, which they expressed through literature and art mostly. Today, we recognize retro motifs and ideas in many different areas.

Retro, as a powerful wave in fashion, music, film, interior, and art, represents an accumulation of the best that styles had to offer over the years. Therefore, we could define retro as a carefully executed selection of supreme elements that stood out in various eras and periods, which have earned their place in the modern world. The popularity of retro is a proof that quality indeed does not have an expiration date, and certain styles will truly live forever. Whether it has been triggered by people’s dissatisfaction with the present or their melancholia, it is undeniable that the days gone by truly live through the retro style.

The Retro Ketubah is a gorgeous, colorful ketubah design which will take you straight back to the 1970s. This colorful ketubah embodies the elements of modern art: bold shapes and outlines, geometrical motifs, as well as vivid, bold colors, while still nurturing the retro spirit of the disco, passionate, ever-green ’70s. We have been blessed with disco music back in the 1970s, and although those days are far behind, the retro movement in music keeps the disco sound alive. This unique retro ketubah design unifies different retro motifs while keeping the modern, edgy, extravagant touch our ketubahs are known for. Head over to our retro ketubah gallery to check out our retro designs!


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