How to Narrow Down your Ketubah Search

We have a very large collection of ketubahs in all shapes and sizes – we should know, because we ‘re the ones who have to manage them! Having so many options to choose from should make it easier for couples searching for the perfect fit, yet many have a hard time picking.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the great designs, don’t worry. Follow our tips on narrowing down your ketubah search to find the right one.

Start with a color scheme

One of the easiest ways to narrow down your choices is by color. It doesn’t necessarily have to be you and your partner’s favourite colour, but colours which will blend in well with your home environment. Dark colours, light colours, warm colours, cold colours, solid colours, and mixed colours are just some ways to filter your search. Some people prefer eye-catching bold colors, while others like something subtle.

Whether you decide to have your ketubah displayed or not, the color scheme is important. You don’t want to settle down on a ketubah you can’t bear to look at 5 years down the road.

Details that carry meaning

Ketubahs are meaningful. Not just because they are a signed document sealing your marriage, but because they are a mark of your love and commitment to spend the rest of your lives together. We encourage customers to choose ketubahs that hold meaning to them. Whether its a bridge over a river that describes their relationship, or a Ketubah featuring New York City – the place you met and fell in love. Create the big picture with details that hold meaning to the both of you.

Trust your instinct

Ketubahs are a life-long document so if you don’t love the design, leave it. Move on to the next one. Just like that Harry Potter moment when he first holds his wand and sparks fly in the air, you’ll have a similar experience – minus the wind blowing through your hair. The perfect ketubah is the one that gives you the feeling that this was made just for you!

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