This is not a Ketubah — it’s a Web site about a Team that makes Ketubahs!

Welcome to This Is Not a Ketubah.

This is, indeed, not a Ketubah. Nor is this a Pipe.

This is a web site about a team of New York and PorteƱo (someone from Buenos Aires) Jews who love creating fun, modern, awesome Ketubot to celebrate Jewish weddings.

Welcome to our site, and welcome to our world.

If you have any questions, or if you want to join our world, or if you want to learn more about making Ketubot — or about the Jewish world of Buenos Aires! — then come drop us a note. We love talking about Ketubot and Jewish weddings and we have a lot to say!

Morgan, Yael & Team Ketubah


Ketubah Couple Zach & Jess: A Beautiful Family Signing

In a stunningly beautiful wedding taking place at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, Jess and Zach were surrounded by family and friends in a beautiful signing ceremony we wish we could have seen! Led by both a Rabbi and Reverend together, the touching Ketubah signing ceremony made Team Ketubah proud to be part of such a joyous event!

Just wanted to say that Zach and I received the Ketubah last night and we are overjoyed! (It brought a tear to our eyes. :)) It’s really perfect. Thank you and your team for all of your help putting it together”
Jess Gozur & Zach Fass
FassForward Consulting

Rothko-ish Ketubah I

When we first spoke with Jess & Zach, they loved the idea of having a Ketubah at her wedding but she wasn’t sure where to start! After they fell in love with the Rothko-ish Ketubah I, we couldn’t wait to get started on personalizing the text to create something truly special for the wedding day. Mazal Tov!

The wedding was officiated by Rabbi Stuart Paris and Reverend Enid Kessler, who lead beautifully meaningful and personal interfaith ceremonies. Read more about them at Interfaith4You. Thanks to Fred Marcus Photography for the beautiful shots!

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